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What Is Dripps?

Dripps is a place where people can find events nearby that connect them to like-minded people. Event organizers, community members and curious minds can all find a safe and secure environment for them to engage in shared real-life experiences that focus on bringing people together. By utilizing a proof of attendance mechanism, we give everyone involved an equitable space where everyone’s voice can be heard and an individuals reputation is earned not given.


Our Mission

By creating social gatherings that are transparent and individual-focused, we aim to help our communities foster a simple & cost effective experience throughout their entire process of planning, gathering money, hosting and even cleaning up all their events!


Our Vision

By building an easy-to-use platform with a global mindset, anyone can now organize and participate in local gatherings no matter where they live. We will connect like-minded groups of people from all over the world and enable them to prove ownership of their groups.

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Why Dripps?


Decentralized Platform

Dripps is built on the Polygon Network, which makes it decentralized. This ensures that no single entity has control over the platform.


Improved Security

Dripps aims to provide improved event security, privacy and transparency for all involved.


Community Driven

Dripps fosters community driven social institutions by allowing users to create, promote and join events based on shared intrests and common goals.


Global Reach

Dripps aims to provide a safe platorm with global reach allowing anyone, no matter where they live in the world to organize & participate in gatherings.

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